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Grading the notes

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The grading contitions:

UNC- a perfect note. Paper is cleane and firm, it has no tears, folds, grafitti. The corners are perfect.

aUNC- a virtually perfect note. It has minor folds that didn't break the paper- "counting folds". Corners are not rounded.

XF- a very attractive note with only one strong central folding or three minor ones. The corners are virually perfect.

VF-a note that is still atractive but with evidence of handling. It hasseveral folds, vertically and horizontally. Paper may be dirty, thecolors can be smudging, but the paper is still crispy. The note has notears.

F- a well circulated note. Corners arerounded, it has many folds and creases. The paper is not crispy butsoft yet still atractive. On margins it can have minor tears but nonewill reach the text.

VG- a note intact but stillwell used. Corners are rounded, it has many folds, tiny pinholds, tearsthat extend to the design. No part is missing.

G- a note well worn, with some minor parts missing and all other problems of a VG. Sometimes can have grafitti on it.

Poor-a poor note, with large parts missing, grafitti, large tears and so on.A Poor note is not collected unless it's a very rare note, usually ifit is know in less the 20 pcs.



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